What we do



We are a market research agency run by economist with extensive professional experience

We treat each client individually, according to their specific needs

We can offer highly competitive prices because we keep our office and administration costs to a minimum

We ensure a high-quality of work at an international level

We guarantee that we use the most up-to-date professional technical equipment and provide the highest level of expertiseWe guarantee that we will always meet deadlines

Not only do we carry out full research projects, but we also undertake individual tasks, such as preparing questionnaires and reports, analyzing statistical data, and interviewing focus groups (FGI), etc.

We can provide atypical market research, e.g. small or specific target groups-based

We guarantee concise and exact research conclusions and recommendations useful in making strategic business decisions


When undertaking a research project, we provide:  

Assistance in identifying the clients research needs

A selection of the best research methods and techniques from the clients point of view

The preparation of a research tool, i.e. a questionnaire in the case of quantitative research, and a scenario in the case of qualitative research

A selection of an adequate sample for quantitative research

The recruitment of respondents for qualitative research

The realization of outdoor quantitative research through
a network of professional interviewers

The realization of qualitative research in a special lab equipped with audio and video

The opportunity to observe the course of FGI researchSupervision of the interviewers work

The preparation of a database and statistical analysis of quantitative data An interpretation of materials gathered through the application of qualitative methods

The production of a final reportThe presentation of results


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